3000K vs. 4000K Light color temperature
3000K vs. 4000K: Differentiating Warm White and Cool White light
When lighting up your space, choosing the right color temperature between 3000K vs 4000K can make a world of difference. Both of these light color temperatures impact your mood, ambiance,...
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2700K vs 3000K Light Color Temperature
2700k vs 3000k Light Color Temperature: The Big Difference
When it comes to picking the right light color from 2700K vs. 3000K, diving into the world of Kelvin color temperatures can feel like stepping into a whole new dimension.  The...
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how to make LED lights sticky again
How to Make LED Lights Sticky Again (5 Easy Steps)
Are your LED lights losing their stickiness and making your place look lifeless? No worries!  LED strip lights last almost 50,000 hours, which is more than six years. If the...
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how to Fix LED Light connector
How to Fix LED Light Connector | 6 Simple Steps
You’re basking in the soft glow of LED lights, and suddenly, one of your lights begins to flicker and goes completely dark. Turns out the LED light connector is not working. But...
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Kelvin Light color temperature chart
Understanding Kelvin and Light Color Temperature Chart: Warm & Cool Lights
The light color temperature chart is a fundamental guide that dictates the warmth or coolness of the light emitted by various sources. Ranging from cozy, sunlit hues to crisp, icy tones,...
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Do LED Lights need to be grounded
Do LED Lights Need to be Grounded? How to Ground Lights?
You’re eager to transform your humble abode into a haven of dazzling illumination with LED lights. You’ve got your tools ready and your DIY spirit in full swing. But one...
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