Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish? 10 Tips to Keep Silverfish at Bay

Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish

Do LED lights attract silverfish? Do silverfish hide behind my LED lights? Should I be worried if I see silverfish? Why do I have silverfish all of a sudden? If a coincidental silverfish infestation is drowning you in this plethora of questions, fret not! We’re here with all the answers to rescue you from this unruly intruder.

LED lights do not attract silverfish. Silverfish is a nocturnal creature, mostly found in dark and humid areas of the house. However, you may still spot a few silverfish near your LED lights looking for warmth and food.

In this article, we’ll further explore the affinity between silverfish and LED lights and show you how to keep silverfish away from your home with our verified 10 tips. Let’s dive in!

Can Silverfish Bite & Harm Humans?

Silverfish are insects with a shiny silver appearance, having a tail resembling a fish. They have two antennas and can be up to half an inch long. This tiny creature lasts up to 8 years long.

Being nocturnal, silverfishes are primarily found in dark and humid areas of the house, typically a bathroom or an attic. Despite their creepy appearance, these little critters do not like interacting with humans, neither do they contain any diseases.

However, silverfish can cause significant damage to clothes and books. Thus, if you are experiencing a silverfish infestation, get ready to take action as the population of silverfish snowballs.

Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish?

Most light fixtures emit heat from their surfaces, attracting bugs and silverfish. But that’s not the case with LEDs.

Generally, LED lights do not attract silverfish and keep them away due to their nocturnal nature. They emit less heat than traditional light sources, including fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Thus, LEDs are less likely to attract silverfish. However, you may still find them near your light source in search of food or warmth.

Do LED Light Strips Attract Silverfish?

Like any other type of LED light, silverfish also don’t have any particular affinity towards LED strip lights.

Shorter wavelength, UV light, and heat from any light source usually attract insects like silverfish. Since LED strips are energy-efficient and do not release these energies, they are unattractive to the silverfish.

You will only find silverfish near the LED light strips if the spot is loaded with silverfish food. Another potential reason could be the silverfish trying to protect itself from the cold weather.

But What About Other Insects…

Does LED Light Attract Bugs?

No! LED lights do not attract bugs, but you may still find some resting on your lights in search of warmth and food. Bugs are attracted to light fixtures due to the heat and UV light they emit. Since LED lights emit only a negligible amount of heat and do not emit any UV rays, they attract fewer bugs.

Do LED Lights Attract Spiders?

No, LED lights are not directly responsible for attracting spiders. Most spiders gravitate towards a high food supply. Before blaming the LEDs for the spider invasion, it’s essential to check for and eliminate any bugs or insects that may be nesting in the area. 

Do LED Lights Attract Centipedes?

Like spiders, centipedes also gravitate towards a high food supply, not light. If your LED light source is infested with bugs, centipedes will make a home near it to hunt down their prey.

Why Are Silverfish Attracted To LED Lights?

Silverfish are pesky intruders that are small and hard to catch. They are not fans of bright lights and are primarily found in dark, warm, and humid places. So, what attracts silverfish the most?

Here’s a sneak peek into the three primary factors that cause silverfish infestation in your home:

  1. Food sources: Silverfish look for carbohydrates. Pasta, fibers, pet food, dead insects, paper, or old clothes are their favorite meal.
  2. Warmth: During winters, silverfish tend to move into our houses looking for warm and humid places such as the attic, between bookshelves, or cracks in the wall.
  3. Moisture: Since silverfish look for moisture, they prefer to live in bathrooms or other humid places in the house.

Thankfully, LEDs don’t give off any of these free resources to home silverfish. But why do I always find silverfish near my colorful LEDs, you may ask?

We still stand firmly by our claim: LED lights do not attract silverfish. However, if you have UV lights or grow lights installed in your home, silverfish, bugs, and even spiders may be drawn towards it.

Additionally, silverfishes are known to feast on dead insects. Most insects are drawn toward the light in wavelengths 300nm to 650nm. If your LEDs fall within this range, they may invite insects and, therefore, silverfish looking to hunt these dead creatures. 

How Do I Get Rid of Silverfish in My Light Fixtures?

The elusive silverfish, scurrying about in the shadows of your LED light fixtures. These sneaky little creatures can be quite a nuisance. But fear not! We have listed down 10 simple yet effective tips to show you how to keep silverfish at bay:

  1. Use airtight containers to keep food moisture free. Since silverfish are attracted to food, they cannot enter these containers.
  2. Never leave leftover food on the counters. This will invite silverfish that look for starch and other carbohydrates. Dust your counters regularly.
  3. Dried bay leaves are excellent silverfish repellents, as their oil repels most insects.
  4. Cedar oil is another powerful silverfish repellent, as silverfish dislike the strong pheromones present in this oil.
  5. Cover up cracks in the wall with caulk. This will prevent silverfish from laying their eggs between these creaks of walls.
  6. A dehumidifier comes in handy when tackling silverfish as they look for moisture inside homes.
  7. Since silverfish can tear through clothes, it’s wise to keep them in a dry environment where silverfish won’t be present.
  8. Ventilate your bathrooms and kitchen, as these places are the most likely to get warm and humid, thus serving as a perfect home for the silverfish.
  9. Adhesive tapes on the back of certain items also attract silverfish. Replace the adhesives in a while and get rid of extra cardboard boxes or unnecessary stacks of paper.
  10. Apply an effective silverfish repellent to the areas where silverfish have established their habitat.

With a combination of these methods, you’ll be on your way to a silverfish-free home in no time. But it’s important to note that it might take time and multiple methods to get rid of silverfish in your light fixtures.

Alternative Lighting Options to Keep Your Home Silverfish-free

LEDs are the ultimate lighting solution in the battle against silverfish invasions in your home. Not only do they provide efficient and long-lasting illumination, but certain hues can also serve as a repellent for these pesky bugs.

Insects are generally attracted to the colors present in white light, such as UV, blue, and green. Shades of pink, yellow, and orange are the least attractive to insects. Installing LED lights in this color range should help you keep silverfish and other insects away. 

Lights produced by a glowing filament release an increased amount of heat that also attracts bugs and insects. Therefore, lower wattage should be used with such light fixtures to keep your home clean and free of silverfish.

LED Lights & Silverfish: FAQs

Does light keep silverfish away?

No, light does not keep silverfish away as it has no effect on silverfish. Silverfish are nocturnal, so they are active at night and prefer dark, damp environments, regardless of the presence of any light.

Can LED lights give you silver fish?

No, LED lights do not give you silverfish. Silverfish are insects that typically thrive in humid, warm environments and are not attracted to LED lights. They feed on cellulose, such as books, paper, and clothing.

Do LED light strips attract insects?

LED light strips do not typically attract insects as they emit less UV light than traditional incandescent bulbs, which are known to attract bugs.

What is the fastest way to get rid of silverfish?

The fastest way to get rid of silverfish is by using an insecticide specifically formulated for silverfish. Eliminate moisture sources, seal entry points, and clean and vacuum-infested areas to prevent future infestations.

Are silverfish more active at night?

Yes, silverfish like dark environments, so they are more active at night and come out in the dark to search for food during these times.

Do LED strip lights attract bugs?

Led strip lights do not attract bugs in the same way that traditional incandescent lights do.

Conclusion: Silverfish Are Not Attracted To LED Lights!

So until now, we’re sure you’ve got your answer to the pesky question, “do LED lights attract silverfish.”

LED lights emit negligible amounts of UV light; thus, they aren’t very attractive to most insects. The only thing inviting silverfish into your home is the lack of maintenance. 

Keep your LED lights and their surroundings clean as well as humidity, and moisture free. Following these precautions, those sneaky little intruders are sure to pack their luggage and leave your house in no time. 

Got more questions about LEDs and pest control? Comment them below, and we’ll get back to you.

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